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List Of Animals Name Vocabulary In English With Pictures

List Of Animals Name Vocabulary In English With Pictures

Animals’ Name In English

Here In this Article, you are going to learn a List Of Animals Name Vocabulary In English With Pictures. This lesson will help you to improve your English Vocabulary and English Speaking. Through this lesson you will know all types of Animals Name In a simple way: there are two types of animals ones with backbones and others without backbones. Each type of animal has its own job.  Animals are living things that come into the world in many shapes and sizes. They help keep nature balanced. Animals do good things for us.  Some animals are lawful for us to use as our food which makes us physically healthy. When we know more, we can protect them and make sure they have safe places to live. This Contributes to a happier world for both Animals and us.

Why Are Animals Important For the World?

As we know, We are talking about the List Of Animals Name Vocabulary In English With Pictures. Animals are important to the world because they help keep everything in balance. They are used as food by humans, which makes humans very powerful. They grow plants, eat insects, and functions like recycling nutrients in the soil. Some Animals are our friends, like Pets. This whole topic is about Animals. Just Scroll down and read the whole lesson and in the end of this lesson we have included the PDF of this lesson just click on the PDF Button and download the PDF in your browser.

Animals Name In English List 1:

Here is the list 1 of Animals Name Vocabulary In English:

Frog:   Frog

The Frogs are special animals that can live in both water and on land. They have smooth and wet skin.

Lizard: Lizard

A lizard is a type of animal that comes in different sizes and shapes. Lizards eat various things like insects, spiders, and even small animals.

Newt: Newt

 Newts are like special frogs. They live both in water and on land. They have smooth skin and look a bit like lizards.


Tadpoles live in the water and breathe through gills, just like fish. They’re important because they’re part of the frog life.

Cat:     Cat

 Cats are good at hunting and have sharp claws and teeth. Cats are very funny and beautiful animals.

Harvestman: Harvestman

A harvestman is a different animal. They don’t make webs, and they don’t have venom like some spiders do.


Scorpions usually come out at night and hide during the day.


 The Spiders are helpful because they eat other bugs, like mosquitoes. They’re part of the bug world.


Frog Frog
Lizard Lizard
Newt Newt
Tadpole Tadpole
Cat Cat
Harvestman Harvestman
Scorpion Scorpion
Spider Spider

Animals Name In English List 1 2nd part:

Here is the part of Animals name in English List1:


Sheep are known for their calm and gentle behavior. They like to eat grass and other plants.



 Albatrosses spend a lot of time over the ocean, flying for days without stopping.

Biddy: Biddy

A biddy is a very small and beautiful bird. They eat insects grass and insects.


A blackbird is a type of bird that’s usually black or dark in color. The Blackbirds are common in many places.


A canary is a small, colorful bird that’s often kept as a pet. It’s known for its lovely singing.


A crow is a black bird that you might see flying around your neighborhood. It’s a smart bird that’s good at finding food.


A dog is a friendly animal that many people love to have as pets. Dogs come in lots of different sizes and colors.


A dove is a gentle bird with a soft and peaceful appearance. It’s usually gray or white and has a nice cooing sound.


Sheep Sheep
Albatross Albatross
Biddy Biddy
Blackbird Blackbird
Canary Canary
Crow Crow
Dog Dog
Dove Dove

Animals Name Vocabulary In English with pictures

Animals Name In English List 2:

Here is the list 2 of Animals Name In English :


Pigeons are good at flying and can move around easily in busy places. They have a unique way of walking by bobbing their heads.


Ducks like to swim and dive in the water to find food like plants, insects, and small fish.


Eagles are symbols of strength and freedom in many cultures. It’s often seen soaring high up in the sky.


A Falcon has pointy wings and a sharp beak that helps it catch other birds and small animals. It’s really good at diving down from the sky


Finches are known for their cheerful songs and lovely chirping. They use their songs to talk to other birds and find mates.


Flamingos have a pink or orange color because of the food they eat. They like to eat small creatures in the water, like shrimp and algae.


A goose is a big water bird that’s often seen near lakes, rivers, and ponds. It’s known for its honking sound.


The Gulls are known for their loud calls, kind of like a “caw.” They’re good at flying and can catch food in the air or from the water.


Pigeon Pigeon
Duck Duck
Eagle Eagle
Falcon Falcon
Finch Finch
Goose Goose
Gull Gull

Animals Name In English List 2 2nd part:

Here is the 2nd part of Animals name in English List2:


A Hawks have strong wings and a sharp beak and claws. They use these to catch animals like mice, rabbits, and other birds.


Jackdaws are known for their curious behavior and chattering sounds. They’re good at using their beaks to search for food.


A jay is a colorful and clever bird that’s often seen in forests and gardens.


A kestrel is a small and agile bird of prey that’s skilled at hunting.


A mallard is a type of duck that you might see in ponds, lakes, and rivers.


An ostrich is a huge bird that’s known for being the biggest and heaviest bird in the world.


An owl is a bird that comes out mostly at night. They’re good at hunting in the dark.


A parakeet is a small and colorful bird that’s often kept as a pet.


Hawk Hawk
Jackdaw Jackdaw
Jay Jay
Kestrel Kestrel
Mallard Mallard
Ostrich Ostrich
Owl Owl
Parakeet Parakeet

Animals Name Vocabulary In English with pictures

Animals Names in English List 3:

Here is the list 3 of Animals Name Vocabulary In English:


Bees have wings and a fuzzy body. They collect nectar from flowers and turn it into honey.


A flea is a tiny, jumping insect that can be a bother to animals and sometimes people.


Bears have thick fur and a strong body with sharp claws. Some bears are brown, black, or even white, depending on the type.


Lions live in groups called prides, and they’re great hunters. They usually hunt together for animals like zebras and antelopes.


Tigers are great hunters and have strong bodies, sharp teeth, and powerful paws. They can run really fast and are good swimmers too.


Camels have a unique hump on their back that stores fat, which they use for energy when there’s not much food around.


Deers have slender bodies and are known for their beautiful antlers, which grow on the males. The females usually don’t have antlers.


Dolphins have sleek bodies and can swim really fast. They’re known for their playful behavior and often leap out of the water.


Bee Bee
Flea Flea
Bear Bear
Lion Lion
Tiger Tiger
Camel Camel
Deer Deer
Dolphin Dolphin
Animals Name In English List 3 2nd part:

Here is the 2nd part of Animals name in English List3:



Foxes have fur that can be red, gray, or even white, depending on the type. They have a bushy tail and a pointy snout.


Zebras have black and white stripes all over their bodies. Each zebra’s stripe pattern is a bit different, just like our fingerprints.


Goats have furry coats and can come in different colors like brown, white, or black. These animals like to eat plants like grass and leaves.


Pandas are mostly white, with black patches around their eyes, ears, and on their limbs.


Rats have sharp teeth that they use to chew on things. They come in different colors like gray, brown, and even black.


A snake is a long and slithery reptile without any legs. It moves by sliding its body from side to side.


Turtles have four legs and usually spend a lot of time in water, but some also live on land.


Elephant Elephant
Fox Fox
Zebra Zebra
Goat Goat
Panda Panda
Rat Rat
Snake Snake
Turtle Turtle

Animals Name Vocabulary In English with pictures

Animal Name In English List 4:

Here is the list 4 of Animals Name Vocabulary In English:


A parrot is a colorful bird known for its ability to talk and mimic sounds.


A peacock is a beautiful bird. These birds are often seen in gardens and forests.


A pelican is a big water bird and These birds have long wings and can fly well.


A penguin is a cute and waddling bird that lives in cold places like Antarctica.


A pheasant is a colorful bird Pheasants have bright feathers in various colors like brown, green, and gold.


A piranha is a small but fierce fish Piranhas have sharp teeth and a strong jaw.


A raven is a black bird known for its intelligence and cawing sound.


A robin is a small bird They’re often seen hopping around lawns, gardens, and parks.


Parrot Parrot
Peacock Peacock
Pelican Pelican
Penguin Penguin
Pheasant Pheasant
Piranha Piranha
Raven Raven
Robin Robin
Animals Name In English List 4 2nd part:

Here is the 2nd part of Animals name in English List4:


A rooster is a male chicken known for its loud crowing sound. Roosters eat grains, insects, and plants.


A sparrow is a small bird Sparrows are usually brown or gray and have a round body.


Storks have long legs and a long neck. They usually have white feathers with some black on their wings.


A swallow is a small bird known for its graceful flying These birds are good at making nests.


Swans have long necks and white feathers, which make them look graceful


A swift is a small bird known for its incredible speed.


A tit is a small and lively bird often found in gardens and forests.


A turkey is a big bird Turkeys have feathers that can be brown, black, or even white.


Rooster Rooster
Sparrow Sparrow:
Stork Stork
Swallow Swallow:
Swan Swan:
Swift Swift:
Tit Tit:
Turkey Turkey:

Animals Name Vocabulary In English with pictures

List Of Animals Name Vocabulary In English With Pictures PDF

Here you can download the PDF of this lesson.


Q1: What is Animal?

Ans: An animal is a living thing that can move around, eat food, and respond to what’s happening around it. Animals can be big or small, like dogs, birds, and even insects. 

Q2: What are the Sea Animals?

Ans: Sea animals are creatures that live in the ocean. They can be big or small and include fish, dolphins, and even creatures like jellyfish and sea turtles.

Q3: Why are Animals important in the forest?

Ans: Animals are important in the forest because they help keep everything in balance. They eat plants and other animals, which prevents any one thing from becoming too much.

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